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We’d like to introduce you to the people who make GSIA what it is today.
Whether we go to work in a hard hat or a suit, we all stand together for the same idea and we work for our families, our customers, our neighbors, our friends and our partners. It takes a dedicated professional team to deliver the best service our customers expect. We thrive on the strengths and expertise of our staff at GSIA.

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Dana Sullivan-Myers 

Dana Sullivan-Myers  Chief Operating Officer


Melanie Michael

Melanie Michael Quality Control Director

Mallori Champagne

Mallori Champagne Marketing Director


Ava W. Bizzell

Ava W. Bizzell New Business Producer

Kelly Hernandez

Kelly Hernandez New Business Manager


Brandy Lewis Gomez

Brandy Lewis Gomez Account Executive

Codi Myers

Codi Myers Assistant Account Executive

Emily Chustz Martin

Emily Chustz Martin Account Executive

Ericka Schnebelen

Ericka Schnebelen Senior Account Executive


Laurie Murphy

Laurie Murphy Accounting Manager


Angie Isaac

Angie Isaac Customer Support

Megan Watts

Megan Watts Support

Shelbie Richard

Shelbie Richard Support Supervisor

William "Bill" Love   "Mr. Chairman"

William "Bill" Love "Mr. Chairman" Consultant

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